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The Book and Literature Panel was established in April 2014.  The Book and Literature Panel is to study the book market by:

  • Collecting the available annual statistics, iden­tifying shortcomings and making recommen­dations for improvements to the statistics
  • Monitoring the circumstances of quality literature in the light of changes in the book market and reading habits
  • Promoting debate about literature in Den­mark

This first annual report by the Book and Lit­erature Panel sheds light on these frameworks and resultant trends. This is important because it is the first overview of its kind of the book market and the state of literature in Denmark, and because there have been substantial chang­es in the Danish book market in recent years, partly in response to developments in the inter­national book and media market.

Read the report here


This report constitutes the Panel’s contribution to a better and more informed basis for policy discussions on the state of the book and literature market in Denmark compared to trends elsewhere.


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